Summer Dance Intensive in Cuba

TEADE 2018


TEADE 7th Edition - July 8-15 , 2018


Artistic Director Jose Angel Carret



Supported by :


Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba ( UNEAC)

Provincial Culture- Art Council ( Cuba)

Provincial Enterprise of the Music ‘Rafael Somavilla ‘( Cuba)

Vocational School of Art “Alfonso Perez Isaac”from Matanzas ,Cuba


Asociation Saiz Brothers AHS



A week of Workshops in Classical Ballet , Modern and Contemporary Dance; Afro-Cuban and Cuban Popular Dance such as Salsa, Cha-Cha , Mambo , Son , Giron - Shows –Conferences and more in Matanzas,Cuba


Dates: July 8-15


** Arrival date Saturday July 7, 2018


Open to :

* Dance students (13 years +)

*Professional dancers




* Music students ( percussion)


TEADE 2018 ( Temporada Espacio Abierto para la Danza y el Espectaculo)


Sunday, July 8th, 3:30pm


Matanzas, Cuba




"TEADE is a week long international summer intensive event open for professional dancers, dance students, choreographers and musicians who want to experience a unique cultural exchange while nurturing their skills under the instruction of Master Cuban teachers from across the island.


The exchange will be hosted in the city of Matanzas or what is popularly known as "the Athens of Cuba, city of poets and bridges." There will be daily dance workshops, conferences and evening shows to facilitate the exchange between local and international artists.


Professional dancers and choreographers will also have the unique opportunity to work with Cuban dancers to either develop choreography or perform to Cuban audiences during one of the many evening events planned across the city.s



  Dance  and Music  Students ( 13 years +)  Professional Dancers and Musicians will receive:


Daily Dance  Workshops  in : Modern, Contemporary , Afro-Cuban and Popular Cuban Dance,Ballet, Conditioning ,Composition of Choreography taught by Master Cuban teachers Conferences, Shows  and the  opportunity to perform and work with guest  choreographers.


Included :


*Lunch for  July 8-13 (with traditional Cuban meals)

*Trip to Varadero ‘beach,lunch included.

* A closing gala and party.


Not provided:


· Run trip airfare to the airport of Varadero ,Cuba.




· Breakfast, Dinner .


· Taxis from and to the airport:



A tuition scholarship for TEADE 2019 will be given to a Cuban and to an International student , at the closing gala Saturday 14.


All participants must travel as a tourist ( visa provided by the airline) and with travel insurance .

Arrival date Saturday July 7, 2017



                          Dateline for registration June 1 , 2018.

To receive information on tuition cost , application form and more  contact by:


Email: Phone : 1-905-617-2037 (Canadá)