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TEADE is an International Dance Event created in 2011, in which its  program includes diverse dance workshops, master classes, conferences talkbacks, showcases and other activities driven by TEADE’s mission  to enrich, broaden and strengthen the world of dance for performing arts students and professional dance artists.TEADE opens a space for cultural exchange and advocates multiculturalism and  diversity.

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JULY 16-22, 2023

A week of  diverse dance workshops,conferences,shows and more.

July 16-22, 2023

In-Person Workshops, Conferences,Demostrations

Open for Dance Students (11 years and up) 

Professional Dancers and Choreographers

Dance Workshops with international instructors

Early Bird Draw to WIN a scholarship to participate in WINTER TEADE 2024 &

3rd International  Dance Competition


 All participants will enter a draw to WIN a free private lesson with one of our instructors.

A diploma will be awarded to all the participants


  • PROFESSIONAL DIVISION – For Professional dancers & choreographers ( ages 18 up)

  • STUDENT DIVISION – For Dance students (ages 11 +)


Registration due by July 10, 2023

Payment can be sent via e transfer or PayPal to

For more information email:


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TEADE 2022-21 Information


XI TEADE 2022 Summer Version was offered from August 14 - 21 in Toronto, Ontario through a hybrid model in-person and virtually online with two showcase featuring  the winners of TEADE  1st International Dance Competition and guest dancers and school  performances.XI TEADE 2022  was open for dance students ages 13 years and up and for professional dancers of Ballet Cuban Modern Dance , Contemporary Dance , Chinese Dance,Hip Hop, Caribbean Contemporary and Cuban Contemporary Dance. Taught by national and international instructors.

DANZA CORPUS CANADA December 18 & 19, 2021 celebrated the 10th Anniversary of TEADE, the 20th Anniversary of Danza Corpus and 30 years of José Angel Carret’s dance career! To commemorate this triple anniversary year, Danza Corpus Canada had assembled a 2-day Digital Gala Celebration and Conference featuring 10 diverse Canadian choreographers & dancers from 5 culturally distinct Ontario based dance companies. 

We presented a digital Showcase with 11 new dance works choreographed by 10 diverse Canadian Choreographers focusing on social issues.

  • 2 x Dancer's Health Conferences led by health professionals

  • 2 x Diverse Dance Workshops

  • 3 x Tributes to Dance Artists from Canada and Cuba.

  • Danza Corpus's 1st International Dance Competition Awards and highlights

  • DIGITAL GALA CELEBRATION & CONFERENCE will celebrated the multi-culturalism of our diverse dance community, presenting choreographic works by our GALA GUEST ARTISTS:


Choreographers: (listed alphabetically by last name)

  • José Angel Carret, Danza Corpus Canada, Artistic Director

  • Maritel Centurion, Royal Winnipeg  Ballet School Faculty

  • Ingrid Díaz Céspedes, Decidedly Jazz Dance Works, Asst. for PTP

  • Mafa Makhubalo, Mafa Dance Village, Artistic  Director

  • Suma Nair, Sampradaya Dance Creations

  • Nicola Pantin, George Brown College Faculty

  • Patrick Parson, Ballet Creole, Artistic Director

  • Carlos Rivera Martinez, Independent Indigenous Artist

  • Carmen Romero, Compañia Carmen Romero , Artistic Director

  • Xavier Tu, The Renegades, Artistic Director



  • Ballet Creole company dancer

  • Danza Corpus Canada company dancers

  • Sampradaya Dance Creations company dancer

  • The Renegades company dancer

  • Johanna Bergfelt

  • Carmen Romero

  • Carlos Rivera Martinez

  • Ingrid Diaz Cespedes


A special focus on MENTAL HEALTH FOR DANCERS with two workshops offered by:

Jo-Anne La Flèche, M.S., Psy., M.A. Dance, Clinical and Dance Psychologist

& Bonnie E. Robson MD DCP D Psych FRCPC. Formerly Asst Professor Faculty

of Medicine University of Toronto.

Questions: Call 905-617-2037

2021 Tribute Gala - December 12th

This year, we hosted a Tribute Gala initiating our winter TEADE 2021, which culminated with a 2 day celebration digital gala event December 18 + 19th. 

In the past in Cuba, we have done tributes to remarkable artists from Cuba who have contributed to the arts not only dance but arts in general. This year we did our first tribute gala night in person in Canada for Bengt Jorgen and Narciso Medina, an amazing Cuban artist, Tributes are part of our event TEADE' mandate to recognize excellence in artists. We also celebrated José Angel Carrett 30 year career anniversary!

Check out some photos of our tribute gala