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Special Guest Artist from Cuba

 We are very proud to announce that Cuban  Artist Lauren Mederos Diaz is our guest artist fo 2024. 

Lauren is a young talented visual artist, designer and illustrator who will share her talent with us in 2024.

News and Achievements

   We  acknowledge the  support of the ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL  for the creation of " Its over" a duet based on domestic abuse, as part of our social issues series. Our Artistic Director created a new work with dancers Tara Butler and Emily Duckett.


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58th International Dance Research Congress

  International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO
                      in Athens,Greece


Last July 2022 our Artistic Directors participated as guest conferees in the 58th International Dance Research Congress organized by the International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO in Athens, Greece.

 Our founder Artistic Director,Jose Angel Carret gave a lecture and performed a solo specially created for the congress, and our Associate Director, Mercedes Bernardez taught a master ballet class.

58th World Congress of Dance Research Under the auspices_media(1) (1).png

George Brown College Dance Program Commission - Jose Angel Carret


Canada's Ballet Jorgen Commission - Jose Angel Carret


2021 Tribute Gala - December 12th

This year, we hosted a Tribute Gala initiating our winter TEADE 2021. 

In the past in Cuba, we have done tributes to remarkable artists from Cuba who have contributed to the arts not only dance but arts in general. This year we did our first tribute gala night in person in Canada for Bengt Jorgen and Narciso Medina, an amazing Cuban artist, Tributes are part of our event TEADE' mandate to recognize excellence in artists. We also celebrated José Angel Carret's 30 year career anniversary!

José Angel Carret Tribute Video

Bengt Jorgen Tribute Video

Narciso Medina Tribute Video

TEADE 2021 - December 18 + 19

DANZA CORPUS CANADA December 18 & 19, 2021 celebrated the 10th Anniversary of TEADE, the 20th Anniversary of Danza Corpus and 30 years of José Angel Carret’s dance career! To commemorate this triple anniversary year, Danza Corpus Canada assembled a 2-day Digital Gala Celebration and Conference featuring 10 diverse Canadian choreographers & dancers from 5 culturally distinct Ontario based dance companies. 

banner GALA 2021 Ing (1).jpg

Ontario Arts Council Grant

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Danza Corpus Artistic Director, Jose Angel Carret’s professional career, 20 years of Danza Corpus, and 10 years of our International Summer Intensive TEADE.


We are extremely happy and grateful that for the 4th time, Danza Corpus Canada has been awarded a Dance Training Grant from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). This grant allowed us to host an Intensive Cuban Afro-contemporary and African Dance Training with 4 of our dancers taught by Jose Carret and the incredibly talented Mafa Makhubalo.


Thank you Ontario Arts Council!


Johanna Bergfelt appointed as our Artist in Residence

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