Born in Sagua La Grande,Villa Clara,Cuba, graduated from The School of  Art for Instructors in 1991,worked as a principal dancer and choreographer for Danza Espiral from Matanzas (1991-2001) and in 2001 founded Danza Corpus ,with the mission to preserve Afro-Cuban Culture .Taught in several Dance Schools and Cultural Institutions in Cuba , and at Oakville School of Dance(2007),Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble(2009)Canada.

Had created works for the students of: The National Ballet School of Cuba for International Ballet Competitions  and for the National School of Afro-Cuban Dance and  Theatre and Musical School in  La Havana .   

Awarded choreographer with more than 30 works ,some of them had been featured in festivals and galas in Cuba and abroad , including a Cuban National Gala in honor of the legendary Prima Ballerina :Mme Alicia Alonso of the Cuban National Ballet for the International Ballet Festival of La Havana .His choreographic works are in the repertoire of several companies in Cuba such as Danza Fragmentada and  Danza Libre of Guantanamo.Won prestigious awards as a dancer and choreographer  and had been recognized  for his work as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director by the city of Matanzas :UNEAC(  National Artists Union of Cuba)Film Asociation for his creations at the International Film Festival and the  Asociation Hermanos Saiz in the city of Matanzas and in Canada by  Decidedly Jazz Dance Works , and the Cuban Consulate in Toronto .  

Danced  in Canada with Decidedly Jazz Dance Works from Calgary , AB, with DJDW  production of " Bulla" and toured in Spain and the Caribeen Islands with Danza Espiral,and worked with many well known choreographers such as Narciso Medina and Ramiro Guerra ( Cuba) Vicky Willis, Hanna Stilwell  (Canada) .Toured in Spain , Guadalupe

Nevis  with Danza Espiral from  Matanzas , Cuba .

 In June 2008 premiered his work “ Dimension Cubana “ at Lula Lounge,Toronto and in 2010 performed and premiered his second work in Canada: " Cuban Collage" at Unity Church Toronto . 

Performed as a guest dancer for Newton Moraes Dance Company and for Akawaba in Toronto, 2009-2010. Jose has been a guest teacher for Ballet Creole since 2008 and premiered his piece  "Antagonisms" for the Ballet Creole Professional Program( 2010) and Ballet Creole Company( 2011) also  created two works for Ballet Jorgen " Solos and Duets" seasons 2011-12 ( " Where is the exit" , " Last Encounter")  Danced as a guest artist with Dance Immersion at the Erie Music  Festival with his solo " I feel they are calling me " and represented Cuba and Danza Corpus at the 24th International Conference of Blacks in Dance ( Toronto) In 2012 was a guest dancer with Afro-Caribben Dance Group  performing  at the Fleck Theatre in Toronto and at Canada Day in Parliament Hill (Ottawa) with the production " Black Corps the war of 1812' and in 2013 was a the guest dancer who performed for Alucine  International Film Festival opening ceremony in Toronto

Jose is proud to continue his artistic mission in Canada , as a free lance  dancer , teacher and choreographer representing his Cuban Heritage in Canada and abroad.

Guest Teacher 

Mercedes Bernardez


Argentinian born Mercedes Bernardez had an international performing career as a principal dance, assistant director, artistic director and as ballet mistress in several ballet companies from Argentina Chile and Venezuela. 

Throughout her career, she danced the leading roles of classical ballets including Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake , and many contemporary  ballet/ dance works .

Mercedes came to Canada in 1997 to act as Artistic Director for the Quinte Ballet School of Canada Later on she worked as Ballet Mistress for the Alberta Ballet. In Alberta Ballet she worked side by side with top Canadian choreographers   such as  Jean Grand Maitre( Alberta Ballet Artistic Director)  Margie Gillis , Sabrina Matthews , and also performed character roles  with the Alberta  Ballet ,  notable the Nurse in  Jean Grand Maitre's  "Romeo and Juliet".

 In 2006 she worked as Jean Grand Maitre’s Assistant for his creation with the National Ballet of Cuba for the International Ballet Festival of La Havana, Cuba . Mercedes worked as a guest teacher for Richmond Academy of Dance (Vancouver, 2008) , Oakville School of Dance (2000-2008)The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble, Hamilton(08-09) Interplay,(Toronto 2010) and as Adjudicator for Dance Manitoba (2000).

Since 2005, she has been a guest teacher for Danza Corpus’s community workshops and company classes in Matanzas, Cuba. Mercedes was one of the three Canadian choreographers who participated in Danza Corpus 10th  Anniversary celebrations last June 2011 in Matanzas, Cuba and created a Tango Duet : “Compas Criollo”  .Mercedes is presently teaching company class for the National Ballet of Canada ,Ballet Jorgen in Toronto, as well as  for Starsonstage (Caledonia) Dance Elite (Milton)   and National Ballet of Canada  In Studio programme(Toronto) . Mercedes is  an Artistic Advisor for Les Petit Ballet (Ottawa)and a free-lance ballet mistress and choreographer. 


Rehearsal Director 


Isis Edelys Alfonso Landa


Isis born in the city the Matanzas , and  began  taking Gymnastics  in the School Luis Augusto Turcios Lima ,and later on  she trained and  developed  her  vast experience in Popular Dance , Afro-Cuban , Ballet ,Modern and Contemporary Dance , beside her mentor Gerardo Orta.

Isis has performed in many shows and events for the Tourisms and Community Events  and worked with many well knows  cuban artists as Rosa Fornet .

Isis joined  Danza Corpus’s staff as rehearsal director in November , 2011 , and is sharing  her 16 years of professional experience  to  DC ‘s versatile dancers . 



Osvaldo Mules Aldama ( Dancer)


Osvaldo  was born in  Matanzas in 1987 and began his  dance training in 2010  attending  Danza Corpus ‘s community workshops  with classes  taught by Artistic Director Jose  A. Carret  and other dance instructors such as Antonio Gonzalez Fajardo , Marisela Hernandez,Angel Servia from Cuba and guest artists from Canada :  Mercedes  Bernardez , Patrick Parson , Newton Moraes .

Osvaldo  performed for Danza Corpus ‘s 10 anniversary in the city of Matanzas  and joined Danza Corpus in 2013 , performed at Temporada Open Space having the chance to share the stage with national and international dancers .  



Lisandra Moran Castellon (Dancer)


Born in the city of Matanzas, Lisandra’s love and passion for dance started at the age of eight while taking workshops with “Nueva Esperanza” from Matanzas. She completed her formal training at the Alfonso Perez Isaac Vocational School of Art, in Matanzas, and is very excited to be working with Danza Corpus’s Artistic Director Jose Carret. Lisandra has participated in several events and festivals in Cuba, and she  has an energetic and joyful approach to her work .





Luanny  Pacheco Diaz(Dancer)


Luanny  began her interest in dance at the age of 9 y.o after trained in gymnastic, she  began  her dance  training in  Casa de la Cultura in Villa Clara , where she trained in Afro Cuban , Modern Dance , and participated in communities events such as Carnivals and  popular acts .

After moving to the city of Matanzas she attended dance workshops with the company Danza Espiral under the Artistic Directionship of Lillian  Padron .

Luanny was part of the amateur groups from the  University of  Medical Science and the Pedagagic “  Juan Marinello” and proudely joined Danza Corpus in 2013.


 Rodelay Garcia Gimenez(Dancer)


 Rodelay began dancing in 2000 in his home town  Matanzas ,received his dance training at School of Tropicana in  Varadero , and continue his professional training with Artistic Director Jose Carret . Rodelay had participated in several events in the city of Matanzas  such as , Carnavals,Rumba Festivals with the group of Gerardo Orta : " A mil maneras". Participated in  the International Film Festivals opening shows since 2009. In 2011 Rodelay was a guest dancer for Ballet Creole in Canada as part as a cultural exchange in between Cuba and Canada.Rodelay is a proud member of Danza Corpus  since 2008 . 

Chabelys Zambrana Gonzalez (Dancer)



Chabelys love for dance began when she was 5 years old attending ballet workshops at Casa de  la Cultura Bonifacio  Byrne , where she trained for six years .Later trained in Cuban popular and afrocuban  dance classes , and participated in several community events .

Chabelys continued her training  with Danza Espiral ‘s dance workshops . Her first work experience was with  the company Somos Cuba under the  Artistic Directionship of  Carlos Diaz .Since June 2013 Chabelys is  working with Danza Corpus and participated in International  Summer event Temporada Open Space in Matanzas . 

Greysis Yaniris Dominguez Lopez (Dancer)


Greysis   was born in  Matanzas is 1992 and  began  her dancing  exposure dancing for   festivities parades . she  trained  as a gymnastic  .   Greysis   created   works with popular Cuban music and dance to be performed in communities events in  the ciry of Matanzas .



 Greysis trained  with Danza Corpus Artistic Director Jose Carret in the community dance workshops and  Danza Corpus workshops   and International Instructors  :  Patrick Parson ,  Newton Moraes and Mercedes Bernardez from Canada  in 2011 . Greysis  collaborated for  Danza Corpus X Anniversary ( 2011) .   Greysis worked with Conjunto Artistico Comunitario of Corimacao in the Cienaga de Zapata , danced with the company Sol del  Caribe and joined Danza Corpus  in 2013 .

Yerandy Munoz Garcia( Dancer)


Yerandy began his dance training at the  Vocacional School of Art:  Alfonso Pere Isaac in Matanzas ,  graduating in 2011.He participated in several dance competitions and festivals  during his training  ,  danced for  popular events in the city of Matanzas such as the 50th Anniversary of the Militar Force .



Yerandy joined Danza Corpus in June 2013 and participated in Danza Corpus  ‘s International  event Temporada Open Space where he had the opportunity to dance with  guest national and international dancers .

Yosiel  Robledo Sosa (Dancer)



 Yosiel was born in the province or Villa Clara in the city of Sagua La Grande in 1991. He began his dance training in La Habana with  dance instructor   Luis Roblejo that gave him the chance to  participate in Cubadanza .  Since  2008 he continued his   dance training  with Danza Corpus ‘s community workshops  under the Direction of Jose Carret . Later  on he worked at the project Corimacao in Cienaga de Zapata .  In July 27 , 2013 Yosiel successful  accomplished the provincial evaluation as a professional dancer and joined Danza Corpus  in June 2013. 



Ricardo Almendariz Bergolla


Ricardo a native of Matanzas, is a trained musician who began playing for Festivals in La Havana,  and  with the group Afro Yumurino in the late 1970s.  Later on, Ricardo worked for: Afro Caribe,,OBBA- TOLA,  Roche Tropical  in Varadero,  Vinet and his Hot Rumba in La Havana Cafe, and with OBBA ILE. He has been a proud member of Danza Corpus since 2008.





 Reinol E. Ferran Borron 



 Reinol from   Matanzas , began his artistic career in 1993 with the Folk Group  as a dancer and percussionist, and later on he worked with several  groups such as “ Los Milagrosos” until 1999

Reinol was a choreographer and percussionist with the group Rumba Son .  Also he is a founder  percussionist of the production “Alturas de Simpson’   

Reinol joined  Danza Corpus  as a percussionist  for  in June 2013 .